Introduction to Nurture Your Wealth. My name is Samantha Bachan. I am starting this blog to share how I feel health and wealth are intertwined and there is a strong correlation. I will share my personal experiences, the bad, the good and the ugly. Furthermore, as a mortgage agent I will share common experiences of clients to help my readers with their financial literacy. My intention through this blog, is to encourage all to do their own research, value the importance of financial literacy, see that health is connected to wealth and more importantly understand their financial story and make it better.

You will see how healthy eating, daily exercise and being surrounded with good relationships can support your wealth, besides who said wealth only means money? If you aren’t healthy to take care of your family, see your kids grow older, have the energy to achieve goals such as run a marathon, or start a foundation, how can you live a life worth living? For me, I’m at my best with regular exercise, sleep, and leisure time with my closest family. I will share my insights on health through my personal experiences and my inspirations from my second home 360 Knockout Fitness where trainer Oluwole Akeju facilitates pushing people to be and feel their best.